How it Works?

  1. Register & signup with username & password
  2. Take your picture straight from 12 to 15 inch with out eyeglass. (Mandatory)  
  3. Place a credit card on below the nose facing strip front to the mobile phone. (Mandatory)
  4. Upload the image through
  5. Your image will be deleted from our website after successfully take the PD.
  6. Follow the instruction according to the sketch below.
  7. Most of the time you will get different PD measurement.
  8. Make sure to write the PD measurement, right and left on a paper.
  9. Please use the mono PD when you place the order.
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Pupil to Pupil distance or PD is the measurement between your eyes from pupil to pupil. It is mainly expressed in two ways; one being Binocular PD which gives the measurement between your pupil and the other is Monocular PD which gives the distance from the bridge of your nose to each eye. uses advanced technology to measurements the PD to custom-make your prescription lenses giving our customers clear vision. Having a correct PD on your reading glass ensures that you are looking through the ideal spot in your lenses and there you get a clear and proper focus. If your measurement is provided by the optician and if you face any difficulty in using the prescribed glass, you can measure PDP by yourself.

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