How Often Should You Get Your Eye Prescription Checked?

Being proactive is one of the excellent approaches to attend to imaginative and prescient problems early on. We suggest having regular eye tests as a preventive eye care approach that may assist our eye docs to trap any eye fitness problems that can be coming your way. 

One important thing of each eye examination is calling into your current eyewear (when you have it). How regularly must you get your eye prescription checked? Let’s discuss. 

How regularly must you get your eye prescription checked?

For anybody ages 6 and up, we recommend having an annual eye appointment. During this appointment, an Independent Doctor of Optometry will examine your eyes for symptoms and symptoms of refractive mistakes and different problems, consisting of eye diseases, together with glaucoma. 

A complete eye examination as soon as in keeping with yr is a great rule of thumb, and our eye docs will take a look at your prescription to make sure it’s accurate.

Here are a few different motives to get your eyes checked sooner: 

You had been squinting extra regularly.

You have had blurry vision. 

You should close one eye to study or watch TV. 

How to Get an Eye Prescription

Needing glasses or touch lenses is not anything to fear. Getting an eye prescription is simple. First, you’ll want to name an optical keep on your area and book a watch examination. For touch lens wearers (or folks that are interested by contacts), you can have a contact lens examination instead. 

Our group will trouble a watch prescription, in case you want one, after appearing the subsequent eye checks:

A Vision Test: You’ll pick out letters or numbers on a watch chart 20 ft out of your face. The optometrist might also additionally alternate the lenses to research your visible acuity. This take look at is critical for locating refractive mistakes, that could imply a want for brand new vision correction.

A Pupil Test: The eye physician will look at what takes place for your pupils once they shine a mild in them. This can inform them a lot, consisting of whether or not your mind and scholars are running collectively as they must. 

An Eye Movement Test: Your optometrist might also additionally flow an object round in the front of you and look at what your eyes do. This will assist them to look at your peripheral imaginative and prescient. 

An Eye Pressure Test: You’ll relax your chin on a machine, as the attention physician releases air into every eye. This is probably uncomfortable, however, it won’t be painful, and it could assist your optometrist to apprehend symptoms and symptoms of glaucoma. 

A Slit Lamp Exam: Using a binocular microscope, the optometrist can take a look at your eye systems and anatomy. This won’t hurt, and it could assist them to pick out cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, dry eye sickness, and extra. 

A Dilated Pupillary Exam: Your eye physician will widen your scholar with eye drops to test your eye fundus or retina for eye sickness symptoms.

Contact lens tests may additionally require corneal topography (outlines your cornea and measures your corneal curve) and a tear movie evaluation (suggests if dry eyes are possible to have an effect on you). Both of those checks are important earlier than your eye physician can approve you for contacts. 

Summary: When to Have an Eye Exam 

How regularly must you get your eye prescription checked? Once in keeping with the year is recommended. Here’s the way to get a watch prescription (or discover in case you want a brand new one):

Schedule a watch examination or touch lens examination at your nearest optical keep.

Go via the attention checks, which could range relying at the form of eye examination you get.


At the quit of your eye appointment, the optometrist will tell you in case you’ve had any modifications in imagination and prescient and whether or not new glasses or contacts are in your future.