PD Pupil to Pupil Distance

The PD or Pupillary Distance is the distance between your pupils, which ensures the correct placement of your Prescription lenses in front of your eyes. The most common and the cheapest method used to measure the PD is by using a simple ruler which is having measurement in millimeters. Since this is a cost-free measurement method, you need to take help from your friend or from any of your relatives who is free to help you. It is measured normally by holding the ruler between thumb and forefinger and steadies the hand by placing his/her remaining three fingers against the patient's head. The next step is to ask your helper to closes his/her right eye. If you are the one waiting to get your PD measured, then you will be instructed to look at your helper open left eye while the optician lines up the zero mark on the ruler with the edge of the iris in your right eye. Now it’s time for your friend to close closes his left eye and opens his right eye and you will be again instructed to look at the open right eye. Once all the steps are done, then you are now in a good position to get your PD measured by the one who is helping you.

To help people to get their PD measured in just simple steps, we are introducing PupilsDistance.com the perfect place to get your PD measured in just a fraction of seconds without making any pre-planning. With the advancement in the optical field and the technology advancements, we are making the manual process converted to machine operated with greater precision and accuracy. With the changing trends, online shopping is booming in the online industry and the demand for buying glasses online is a drastic increase. But to make an order to buy your favorite pair of glass, you must give proper inputs. The problem is that these are not scientifically accurate measurements and are not being performed by professionals. There is a large margin of error and you could end up with glasses that hurt your vision—not correct it. Let us help you pick out the right glasses for your prescription with some simple steps.

The steps involved to get accurate PD measurement:

1. Take your picture straight from 12 to 15 inch like demonstration page

2. Place a credit card on below the nose facing strip front to the mobile phone

3. You can now upload the image through PupilsDistance.com

4. We will not keep your personal information with us

5. From the cross mark drag the mouse to right and left at the centre of the pupil

6. Most of the time you will get a different measurement

7. Make sure to note down the PD measurement right and left on a paper

8. Please use the Mono PD when you place the order.

Once we receive your detail, hold on for some time and we ensure you will get your precise and accurate PD at the earliest.