What is Pupil to Pupil Distance?

Pupil to Pupil distance or PD is the measurement between your eyes from pupil to pupil. It is mainly expressed in two ways; one being Binocular PD which gives the measurement between your pupil and the other is Monocular PD which gives the distance from the bridge of your nose to each eye. Pupils Distance uses advanced technology to measurements the PPD to custom-make your prescription lenses giving our customers clear vision. Having a correct PD on your reading glass ensures that you are looking through the ideal spot in your lenses and there you get a clear and proper focus. If your measurement is provided by the optician and if you face any difficulty in using the prescribed glass, you can measure PD by yourself.

Let’s see the steps to measure your PD – Pupil to Pupil Distance

1) Catch your friend or family member who can take accurate measurements.
2) Eyeglasses are measured in millimeters, so you need a ruler with measurements listed in millimeters.
3) Hold the ruler up to your face, and have your friend measure the distance between your two pupils.

But to help your friend get the right measurement, there are some tips to be followed and here we give you those tips.

1) Make them sit while you stand so that your helper won’t become an obstacle in the field of vision.
2) Make sure your eyes are static during the time of measurement
3) Lets’ not look at your helper during measurement.
4) Your eyes should go above his/her head at something approximately 10-20 ft. away.

Whatever ways are there to measure your PD is not accurate and you must be aware that your pupillary distance is not a value that you should take by yourself as it’s not a digit for the opticians to frame your lens. Your measurement may even result in a high probability of the wrong measurement. To measure your PD value by yourself, you would need to sit in front of a mirror and follow the steps we have listed on top. There may even tend to raise some parallax error which occurs when you read from the pupillary ruler.

Do you know your PD is important when taking a Pair Of Glasses?

As specified earlier, your PD is not just a number it is a value that helps you to give you vision with precision and better focus. Without this special number, no opticians will provide the correct pair of glasses that cannot be prescribed for you. If you use a pair of glasses that were not made specifically from your pupillary distance value, then you are exposed to face serious damage to your eyes. Therefore, it is very important to know what your pupillary distance is and how it is used in prescribing a pair of glasses for you to get a right vision. Your PD is essential in fitting a pair of glasses and should be performed by a professional optician or support staff.