Why measurement of Pupillary Distance is important and How to measure your PD using www.pupilsdistance.com

Measurement of the pupil to pupil distance is important when buying eyeglasses. The pupil is the black portion of the eye, located exactly at the center of the eye and has black color. The pupil is responsible for adjusting the eye to available light to optimum levels so that we can see objects clearly. Therefore, in Optometry, measuring the pupillary distance is significant to impart perfect vision. The center of the pupil and the focal point of the lens must be in line to promote good vision.

Normally, an eye doctor measures your pupillary distance at the time of consultation. The practicality of visiting your ophthalmologist, every time for that purpose is not always feasible. So there are methods by which one can measure their pupil to pupil distance on their own.

Traditional methods include using a millimeter ruler and measuring the distance in between the pupils. This has to be done standing in front of a mirror or should take the help of a friend since; it can sometimes not be comfortable to do on one’s own, alone.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, we now have software for almost everything. Same is the case with the measurement of pupillary distance. You can measure your PD

from www.pupilsdistance.com just by uploading your up straight photograph of the face. The pupil to pupil distance will be displayed immediately, which you can download also. This value can be used to buy your perfect eyeglasses online.

At, www.pupilsdistance.com, you get a more precise value of PD. At www.pupilsdistance.com, one can get both monocular PD and binocular PD.

How to measure pupil to pupil distance using www.pupilsdistance.com?

  • Stand in a well-lit
  • Place a credit card on below the nose facing strip front to the mobile
  • Take a photograph of your face straight from 12inches to 15inches like in a demonstration
  • Log on to pupilsdistance.com.
  • Click on ‘Get my PD’.
  • Upload your
  • From the cross mark of the nose bridge, drag the mouse to the center of the right and left
  • You will obtain different pupillary distance from both the pupils, most of the

Using this value obtained from pupildistance.com, you can buy eyeglasses online suited for your eyes. Measuring pupillary distance also helps in deciding the size and shape of the frame too.

Advantages of using www.pupilsdistance.com

  • We can obtain a more accurate value of pupil to pupil distance using online software from pupilsdistance.com.
  • The instructions to measure pupillary distance using our software is very user-friendly and easy to
  • It is a very time-saving method to measure PD
  • It only costs 2 USD to measure the pupillary distance from pupilsdistance.com.

Using the online software at www.pupilsdistance.com is better than traditional methods because this is more accurate in calculating the pupillary distance. It eliminates the chances of error. The software we use at pupildistance.com is reliable in more ways than any other methods of self-measuring the pupillary distance. It is quick in the calculation, thus saving a lot of time. The software is very user-friendly too.